Can I use DTMF sequences in clustered Call Bridge deployments?

From version 2.4, DTMF sequences can be configured for participants. This enables DTMF sequences to be sent to any participant in the conference regardless of which Call Bridge they are connected to. Similarly, DTMF can now be sent when calling out from a cluster of Call Bridges using the participants API to call out. This applies to cases where the Call Bridge for the outbound call is either implicitly or explicitly chosen via load balancing, dial plan rules, or selection of Call Bridge Group or Call Bridge.

Note: This feature does not support sending DTMF sequences to Lync participants in dual homed conferences. 

Prior to version 2.4, DTMF sequences could only be configured for call legs on a local Call Bridge. DTMF sequences could not be configured via the participant API, which meant that DTMF could not be sent to participants on a remote Call Bridge, or when calling out from a cluster of Call Bridges.

For more information, see Cisco Meeting Server 2.4, Scalability and Resilience Deployment Guide.

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